Data & Dialogue, a relationship redefined

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Voor het eerst wordt in dit Engelstalige boek de relatie tussen bedrijven en advocatenkantoren op een alomvattende manier beschreven. Jaap Bosman (TGO consulting) en Vincent Cordo gaan met name diep in op de gevolgen die het gebruik van big data en data-analyse zal hebben op de sector.

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For the past 50 years, ever since the early 1970s, the relationship between clients and law firms has become more professional, but has fundamentally remained unchanged. Over the last decade – since the financial crisis – clients have been pushing for more value, with limited success. The use of advanced data analytics as it is already employed by the world’s most advanced legal departments, will eventually fundamentally change the whole industry. The book will describe in detail why data analysis and structured dialogue will drive efficiency and value, with many examples how data analytics are being employed. It also describes what the current status is of legal tech and where it will be useful and where it will not.

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Jaap Bosman, Vincent Cordo


1 april 2019