Defining tomorrow’s legal function through its relationships

The role of in-house legal teams is changing rapidly. Their relationships with other departments within the business and with external stakeholders are becoming increasingly complex as they deal with data, technology and a much broader range of issues than in the past.


Clifford Chance worked with RSGI, who interviewed leading in-house counsel and their teams – from The Walt Disney Company, Nokia, Unilever, BMW Group, Rolls-Royce, DBS Bank, Anglo American, easyJet, Flex and Telstra – to gather views on the changing nature of their roles, the relationships that shape their work and the challenges they face.

The companies represented on the research advisory board identified eight key relationships for the legal function that have a significant impact and will shape the legal team of the future. The goal for in-house legal functions is to identify how these relationships interconnect and become intentional, rather than incidental. This is captured in a new framework; the relationship model.

This is a report for in-house legal, by in-house legal. We hope the insights galvanise further discussion and invite you to the conversation.

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